Can You Save Money Using Buying Wholesale Jewelry Supplies?

If you have started to craft jewelry pieces for fun, for family, or as a means of making extra cash you might be interested to learn that you can save money by purchasing wholesale jewelry supplies. Wholesale jewelry supplies from online merchants can cost a fraction of what the same supplies in craft stores would cost.

When you buy wholesale jewelry supplies you normally save the most money when you buy your items in large quantities. You will want to order a minimum of one thousand beads, clasps, or fasteners, at one time in order to increase the amount of money you save.

The shipping and handling charges on wholesale jewelry supplies can make what seems like a great deal turn into a costly ordeal. Pay close attention to the amount that you are being charged for shipping and handling, and if the amount is too high try looking at other online suppliers for the same items. You might have to pay another supplier a little more per item, but save money because they offer free shipping.

Jewelry components consist of clasps, beads, charms, gems, earring blanks, watch blanks, wires, and connectors. All of these items are offered by wholesale suppliers. You can also purchase the tools you need to assemble your jewelry pieces, and the packages you might want if you are selling your items.

You can increase your savings on wholesale jewelry supplies by purchasing specialized charms after holidays. Many charms are designed especially for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, and other occasions. You can wait until the occasion has passed and then look for closeouts and clearance deals on the special charms. Save the charms until next year and you can increase your profits by a large margin.

The pitfalls of buying these supplies in large quantities is that you have to have a place to store the items, and you have so many of one particular type, or color of bead that you might get tired of working with them. You can lessen the amount of beads you have to keep by combining your purchases with the purchases your friends might wish to make. It is much nicer when you can order ten thousand pink seed beads, and split those pieces up between several people so you only have a few hundred to keep.

When you buy these items online keep accurate records of your purchases. Many people get the confirmation that they have made an order and then they do not take the time to print, or save that confirmation email. It is imperative that you save the email confirming your payment so you can track your shipment, and so you can use the purchase amount on your taxes if you make jewelry items that you sell for a profit.