Sourcing Beautiful Jewelry Supplies

It can be very easy to fall in love with jewelry. To some people, involved in the industry, items may seem to get better as they age. The idea of keeping jewellery items as family heirlooms, goes back a very long way, as the items appreciate with more of the sentimental value being attached over time. Although no one really begins a project with the idea of creating a family heirloom, in order to create any item you will need an adequate amount of jewellery supplies. Searching for jewelry supplies, should not be an arduous task. The very act of searching can be fun that can be used to inspire more creativity.

To make the process of finding jewelry supplies easier, and more fun, you should create a plan that includes what you wish to make, and the supplies that you will need. If you do not have a firm idea of what you wish to create, you can look at pictures and magazines for inspiration. You may need to do some research to find more about any items that seem interesting as special tools and skills may be needed.

Start by visiting your local craft or hobby store. They may have some of your jewelry supplies and tools, or they may be able to tell you where you can find them. It may be best to stay with speciality shops, as you be a bit more certain about what you may be getting. The other advantage of visiting your local hobby store for jewelry supplies, is that they may offer jewelry making classes, and by attending the classes, you may also get access to the tools that you need. You get easy access to needed tools, along with instructions. Your instructor and classmates may have insider knowledge, and know some of the best places to obtain tools and jewelry supplies at better prices.

The Internet, commonly called the information superhighway, can be a great place to find jewelry supplies and tools. Several websites will offer a free newsletter. You can sign up to see what is offered, but be sure that you can opt out or unsubscribe from receiving messages without penalty if and when it is needed.

The bookstores will usually have an arts and craft section, where you will find more information on making jewelry. The extensive list may include not just projects, but a variety of related topics, such as trends, history and influences. You can use the information presented as an important resource where you can find even more jewelry supplies.

When online you may find, not only sellers, but also collectors. If you visit sites that serve as auction sites, and you may even find supplies from private collectors. Online auctions and magazines or newspapers are other excellent sources for jewelry supplies and tools, as many people may simply no longer need them and will offer items at greatly reduced prices.

Buying Wholesale Jewelry Supplies – Do’s and Don’ts

I have been making and selling jewelry for at least six years now and I can say that my customers are often impressed with the quality of jewelry pieces I sell to them, the quality of stones and other findings I use in my creations and of course the prices at which I sell my pieces.

When it comes to buying jewelry supplies, there are some tips and tricks I use. I have been in this business for years and I have spent a lot of time hunting down the best wholesalers and suppliers for the materials I use. In this post, I will share with you some ideas and some do’s and don’ts that can help you choose the right supplies for your jewelry making needs.


Being able to buy wholesale jewelry supplies really makes a big difference. But some jurisdictions do not allow individuals to purchase wholesale without having a sales tax license. So the first thing that you must do is find out about the local regulations and if needed, get a sale tax license so you can purchase wholesale jewelry supplies.

You will find a number of wholesale jewelry supplies markets if you live close to a major metropolitan city. So in this case, always consider buying from the wholesaler in your local area and not online. This way you will be able to see the quality of the products in person before you make an investment. When you shop in person, you can pick the best supplies for your jewelry making needs.

Bead shows and expos are held frequently so you must also check these out because most of the time, these shows and expos carry wholesale jewelry supplies that you cannot get from your local supplier.

Whenever you buy something from a wholesaler in person, don’t forget to get their business cards. Perhaps the wholesaler also has a website and the next time you order, you don’t have to visit him in person. You can do it conveniently online.


One thing that I have found is that you should not rely on only one store. This is because if you get the best quality wholesale beads from one seller, it is not necessary that the same seller will have the best quality wholesale jewelry findings or wires or tools. You must know where you can get the best materials for your jewelry making needs and that too at the best prices.

When you have a local wholesaler where you can get quality materials, don’t consider shopping online. There are risks attached when you shop online. Unless the online vendor has a very good reputation, you must not take a risk. Photos of materials can be deceptive and the descriptions can be vague. The seller may also not offer a good returns or exchange policy. In this case, you will be left with poor quality supplies that will be of little use to you.